Blood Donor Program

Your dog or cat can save lives!

Find out if they qualify for our blood donor program.

There are benefits to being a blood donor. Your pet will receive free annual blood work and a 50% discount on preventatives.

If the need should ever arise your pet will receive free blood units equal to the number she or he has donated in their lifetime.

Criteria For Blood Donors.


-Between 1 and 8 years of age

-Weigh more than 10 pounds

-Indoor Only

-Pass a health screen (exam, CBC, Chemistry panel) with Wilvet

-Must be Felv/ FIV negative

-Have proof of current Rabies Vaccine

-Not on any medications (antibiotics, steroids, etc.) at time of donation

-Current Wilvet Exam

-Between 1 and 7 Years of Age

-Weigh More Than 50 Pounds

-Have Proof of Current Rabies Vaccine

-Be Heartworm Free (tested negative and on monthly preventative year-round)

-Has Not Received a Blood Transfusion Before

-Must be Blood Typed, and be a Universal Donor — No Fee for Typing

-Not On Any Medications (antibiotics, steroids, etc.) at the time of Donation

-Pass a courtesy health screen (Exam, CBC, Chemistry Panel)

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