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We Proudly Serve The Pets of Salem, OR And Beyond

At Wilvet Salem, our mission is to provide clients and their pets with high-quality, progressive and compassionate veterinary care. In order to do so, we encourage our veterinary team of highly motivated and innovative staff and provide them with the necessary skills, training, and education. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of care for our patients, while also providing a warm and friendly environment for our clients. We believe that by working together, we can provide the best possible care for your beloved pet. Thank you for entrusting us with their health and well-being.

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Our veterinary team is comprised of highly dedicated, trained professionals. Every day is different in this fast paced environment. Wilvet Salem strives to keep up with the latest technology in veterinary medicine and offers continuing education classes to the staff.

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Wilvet Salem offers emergency and urgent care veterinary services for pets in Salem and surrounding areas.

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Client Reviews

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The best patients and clients come to us. Your warm remarks
truly mean a lot to our veterinary team!

We are from the Sandy, OR area and all our pet hospitals were full or had over an 8 hour wait. Wilvet was suggested from a local hospital and off we went. They were very caring and gave us all the options for our very sick 7.5 year old chihuahua. Dr Gardner (I believe that was her name) was so kind and helped us through a very difficult time when we needed to send her over the rainbow bridge. Thank you!

Michelle Jarvis

Awesome place and extremely helpful staff and vet. They’re often busy with real pet emergencies that might take utmost priority over your own (due to limited Dr’s), but the staff will inquire about the nature of your pets injury or illness and help steer you towards possibly faster solutions at other nearby animal hospitals or vets and may help give you a better idea about what’s wrong with your pet (if it’s not an obvious injury). I’ve sought advice and almost taken pets here a couple of times and am extremely appreciative of the staff’s patient, caring, and helpful nature’s. While we haven’t spent any money here, yet, it helps give me peace knowing that there are loving people who work here if I ever need them. They’ve impressed me immensely.

Logical Reasoning

So glad we found Wilvet Urgent Care. We brought 2 of our cats to them. They are the best. Really explained everything to us in full. They also most definitely saved our cat Vince. They really took care of him and put him on the road to recovery quickly. I am so thankful everyday I see him thriving. Great people there, from both of us (Wife & I). Thanks so much.

Rodney Hasel

We brought our 10 week old puppy in.
We are not sure what he got into but his health was deteriorating rapidly.
We took him in and they treated him and his health started returning within hours.
I’m so grateful for this hospital the staff was awesome and the price was fair.
Thanks again.

Jerry Johnson

Wilvet was incredible in treating and saving my dog’s life after he was attacked by another dog! They were super attentive and answered all my questions when I called in (basically a million times per day), and it was obvious they did a great job during all five of his debridement surgeries. As an emergency vet, they’re often busy, but everyone clearly takes their jobs seriously and loves the animals they care for. One of the techs looking after my dog said she even hand fed my dog chicken every day ❤️

Lizzie Wilson

On September 19th at about 10:00PM we brought our little 17 year old dog to Wilvet knowing that we would not be taking him home with us. He had lived a good life but had been declining for the last couple of months and was having a really bad night. We felt that we just couldn’t wait until morning to see our regular vet. After reading some of the reviews for Wilvet we called and let them know we were on our way, I’m so thankful for this place. They were ready for us and were so kind and gentle with our little guy, they gave us plenty of time with him before the procedure and explained everything that would be happening. They made him very comfortable and I was able to hold him during the procedure which was so quick, he was gone in an instant and he was ready to go. Afterward we had privacy and time to process the loss of this beloved little pet who had been part of our lives for so long. Thanks to all the staff that night for your care, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. We truly appreciate you and do not hesitate to recommend this veterinary service.


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